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  • Super Soco at the Ecuadorian Market

    Quito – Press release | A friendly environment motorcycle, has just been launched to the Ecuadorian market. 7 World Power Sports, a company specialized in motorcycles and power sports, has just presented an absolutely innovative model in the transport of two wheels. This is the Super Soco electric motorcycle, the first 100% electric vehicle with […] More

  • Italian Volt at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Making their UK debut, Italian Volt travelled from Milan to showcase their bespoke designed electric machines to an intrigued ‘Festival of Speed’ audience (July 12th > July 15th). With two models being assembled and reassembled with 3D printed bodywork and other components, onlookers and media were fascinated by this next generation piece of engineering. Of […] More

  • Fast and innovative electric wheelchair RID-e

    Rid-e is a combination of a stable, robust chassis with a comfortable anatomic sports seat and powerful electric drive. Thanks to its thoroughly thought-out design, this latest addition to the segment of electric wheelchairs is an ideal transport vehicle for various needs in everyday life as well as free time activities. Rid-e is designed to […] More

  • Urban S from Evoke Motorcycles | First impressions

    Below you’ll find his full story. We have to notice that this is a first impression. It is possible that the motorcycle is going to be adapted for the European market. When we have the chance to test it ourselves, we shall bring you more technical details and the comments of our test rider about the behaviour of this electric motorcycle. More

  • EZRaider is an offroad 4 wheel electric vehicle

    These guys from EZRaider send us some pictures and we really want them to share with you. But I also see that our news partner EvNerds has already published an article about them. So, please give them a visit (link here below). The EZRaider is a 2×4 vehicle equipped with 2 high torque electric hub motors which are part of the rear wheels. Controlled by a thumb throttle, giving the user a precise control over power-to-wheel. A unique patented suspension and steering systems enables the EZRaider to “surf” through hard terrain with maximum stability and safety to the user. The EZRaider is designed with an extremely low center of gravity while maintaining a high ground clearance. More

  • Saroléa Manx7 | The ultimate electric super bike

    Almost a year to the day that Saroléa competed in its fourth Isle of Man TT in a row with their SP7 race machine and their development rider Dean Harrison, the decision was made to build a road legal version of the bike – based on the racebike’s technology. Developed on the Isle of Man […] More

  • Newsflash | Mecatecno electric trial motorbike limited 2018 production

    Newsflash | The Spanish manufacturer Mecatecno launches his latest model “Dragonfly” on a limited production. 180 electric trial motorbikes are provided for the market. At the moment (update June 14th) 143 units are still available worldwide. Price 8.200,00 EUR + VAT (I don’t have any info about shipping costs …). It’s possible to customize your Dragonfly […] More

  • Ethec | students design a smart electric bike

    It seems like more and more often we see exciting innovations in the electric vehicle industry. A new project that has been undertaken by students from ETH Zurich and Zurich University of the Arts is no exception to this rule. The team of 13 mechanical engineering, 1 electrical engineering and 2 industrial design students have […] More

  • Electro Motors do Brasil

    One of our readers, Fernando Meschiati (Instagram: @feramesch) brought this company to our attention: Electro Motors do Brasil in the city of Goianésia. When visiting their website, we discovered a whole range of electric motorcycles and scooters. In addition, they also offer e-bikes and electric vehicles (in 2019). Electro Motors do Brasil: “With the increasing evolution […] More

  • Newsflash | New Moto-E department for Energica

    Energica has completed the new department entirely dedicated to the MotoE™ project. The Company, chosen by Dorna as single manufacturer for the upcoming FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, has invested immediately in this activity and created a new area for the development and construction of the Ego Corsa racebikes involved in the 2019 competition. The […] More

  • Choppelectric | a start-up company from Estonia

    The idea of Choppelectric started in the spring of 2016 from the ambition to create a stylish e-bike that would resemble a motorbike. These guys are passionate in developing and creating e-bikes with awesome design and an unforgettable driving experience. The team consists of 4 members: founders are Markus Kaljuste (on the right) and Rainer Aunpu (in the middle). There is also Randar Ploompuu (on the left) and Harri Lillevars. More

  • Readers opinion | Why I switched from a KTM Freeride E-XC to an Alta Redshift EX

    As I began preparing for my next endurocross event, I found myself contemplating the purchase of a new bike. Being relatively new in the world of enduro racing, I had a 2015 KTM Freeride E-XC. Although I loved my motorcycle, it wasn’t as efficient on the race track as some of the newer bikes that were being released. The thought of enhancing and modifying the KTM had crossed my mind but it didn’t appeal to me as much as the purchase of an entirely new motorcycle. Since I was becoming more interested and involved in endurocross, I figured it was worth it to make the change but I’d have to do some thorough research before I decided to throw money down on a brand new motorcycle. More

  • Italian Volt presents Lacama for the reunion

    Italian Volt celebrates one-year anniversary from the unveiling of Lacama’s prototype by dedicating an “e-motorcycle” to The Reunion, the most important happening for cafe racers, classic and special lovers from all the world. The Italian start-up presented “LACAMA for The Reunion”. Inspired to Trackers, customized motorbikes used during speedways, dirt flat oval tracks where motorcycles slide sideways, this motorbike presents knobby tires able to better face the dirty ground. The “custom-made” motto remains the main feature of this product. “LACAMA for the Reunion” was entirely made to measure according to Matteo Andreani, founder of The Reunion, who together with the Italian Volt designers selected all the materials and components until he got the final layout of the motorcycle. More

  • Newsflash | Kuberg enduro star Kieran Maunder

    After having a 2 week break from racing Kieran Maunder was back to normal this weekend as he headed to defend his championship lead at the Putoline youth Enduro XC Series with Enduroland. A new venue at Dauntesy near Wiltshire, which proved to be hot, fast & flat. With this in mind Kieran made the decision to run his Elec-Trick Blitz Kuberg X-Force Pro50 in mode one to make sure battery was preserved to finish the race. More

  • Giles Kirkland is a guest writer at EMN

    Electric Motorcycles News welcomes Giles Kirkland, an automotive expert with a great passion for motorcycles of all sizes and shapes. He often contributes to various platforms and he was so kind to offer his writing services to EMN. Giles Kirkland is a car expert and motorcycling enthusiast with passion for new technologies. When he’s not […] More

  • Newsflash | OSET Electric Bikes are looking for new distributors

    OSET electric bikes are the world leader in the design and manufacture of electric trials, dirt and motocross motorcycles for riders aged 3 – 18 and beyond! OSET Electric Bikes are looking for new distributors around the world! With 2018 set to be a record year for bike sales you would be working with one […] More

  • The Microlino story

    It’s perhaps not what you expect on a electric motorcycles website but we are aware that people are looking for electric vehicle solutions, in any kind of size. In an earlier post we mentioned that the traditional motorcycle industry was too focused on selling bigger, faster and more expensive machines. The world is changing, and […] More

  • Electric Motorcycles News visits Evoke Motorcycles in Beijing

    Our Japanese team member Hiromi Kinukawa was invited to visit Evoke Motorcycles in Beijing, China. Not only did they take good care of him (Beer and food!) but more than that, he was surprised about their great passion and love toward motorcycles and motorcycle riders. Evoke Motorcycles is a start-up motorcycle company based in Beijing, China. But is it not just another start-up. It’s a company with right vision, unique staffs and established production facilities. More

  • Electric Motion new 2019 range

    Electric Motion is introducing their new 2019 Trial range (EMLite, EMSport) and hiking bikes (EScape, EScape Sport). The 2019 edition is equipped with an all new electric motor and powertrain, as well as improved steering ergonomics. Electric Motion focus is on the overall increase in performance featuring more torque, speed, improved handling and less noise.Optimization of the fork / damper settings has made the bike more playful and reactive. More

  • Evoke Electric Motorcycles on the road to the Benelux

    Evoke Electric Motorcycles is happy to announce the signing on of a new distribution partner to bring Evoke’s all-electric motorcycles to the Benelux region of Europe. Evoke’s new partner, who will be doing business under the name Evoke Benelux, has extensive experience in dealing electric two wheelers and will be making Evoke Electric Motorcycles available at their dealerships throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. More

  • Electric Superbike Twente unveils electric superbike

    The first electric racing team of the University of Twente, Electric Superbike Twente, presented the brand new electric super bike on May 25: the Liion GP. This electric motorcycle is completely designed and produced by the students team. With the Liion GP they want to show how fast electrical transport can go. Count me in guys, I want to go to work with these bike. More

  • First new designs from VanguardSpark with Erik Buell

    These are the first drawings/sketches of VanguardSpark “Commuter” and “Speedbike”. Erik Buell is one of the 3 founding partners. Vanguard founder F-X Terny and Formula-E manufacturer Frédéric Vasseur of Spark Racing Technology are the 2 other partners. The firm intends to start with two models. More

  • RYNO Micro-Cycle

    What is a RYNO? Well, it’s less than a motorcycle (in some ways), but in other ways, it’s so much more. One-wheeled, electric-powered. A machine that has no greater footprint than you do. Capable of operating at speeds up to 10 miles per hour – or as slowly as a casual stroll. The RYNO is transportation, humanized. The first personal mobility device that’s built to connect you to people, not take you away from them. The RYNO lets you mix and mingle into a crowd, naturally. More

  • This is E-Run

    This is E-RUN, the first Iranian electric motorcycle that is totally designed and engineered in Iran. Soon more on Electric Motorcycles News. For the moment we only have some pictures! More

  • EMN short newsflash | Shan Roy project ER 1

    Electric Motorcycles News received this picture of the ER 1 project from Shan Roy. We know that he is working on an update (ER-2) that will be much cheaper, lighter and smaller. Shan Roy is working one-to-one wiyt his customers. If you are interested in a tailor made offroad performance ebike, you can contact Shan on […] More

  • Evoke Electric Motorcycles coming to New Zealand

    Beijing, China – May 9th, 2018 – Press release – Evoke Electric Motorcycles announced today that they have signed on a new Evoke dealer and will be bringing its electric motorcycles to New Zealand. Evoke’s new partners will be doing business under the name Evoke Motorcycles New Zealand and are eager to introduce Evoke’s zero […] More

  • Newsflash | Mankame Ep – 1 electric superbike

    The Mankame Ep – 1 is the First Electric Super-bike that promises a range of in-excess of 500 kilometers per-charge, possible due to its high density battery pack and compatible Motor-controller combination. Soon on Indiegogo. Liquid cooled 18.4 kWh Battery-Pack A combination of High Density Samsung cells make up the entire Battery-Pack, with dedicated Matrix […] More

  • Dutch innovation unites car with scooter | The Carver

    The Carver is a 100% Dutch urban vehicle that unites the advantages of a car and scooter. The Carver drives smarter, faster and cleaner from A to B and offers an unprecedented driving experience thanks to a patented tilting system. In September 2018, the first Carvers get on the road. And although the Carver is […] More

  • Student project Storm becomes Spike

    Two years ago, 23 students of Eindhoven University of Technology left on an 80-days round-the-world journey (23,000 kilometers) on the electric motorbikes they developed themselves. The aim of the enervating journey was to demonstrate the potential of electric transport. Today Bas Verkaik, former spokesman for STORM and who is (almost) a Sustainable Energy technologist, created […] More

  • Q140MD Core Performance e-bike

    The Q140MD Core is a high performance e-bike with centre of gravity ideally placed between the front and rear wheel. It’s the perfect e-bike for riders who won’t settle for anything less than great response, good traction and high manoeuvrability. The Core will get you up any hill, pedalling at full speed to get as much workout […] More

  • Scoozy mobility scooters

    Founder Job van de Kieft became world champion solar racing with Nuna, the solar racing car of the Nuon Solar Team from Delft. This tastes for more and in a short notice, Job sets up a company and, together with Jan Willem van Gent, builds a top team. Electric driving In the years after the […] More

  • Saroléa and Dunlop in Le Mans showcase

    Press release 17/04/2018 | Electric Superbike manufacturer Saroléa are delighted to announce that the ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest) has invited them to attend the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour motorcycle race this year. Shortly before the start of the race, on Saturday 21st April, the Saroléa SP7 will do two demonstration laps in front of […] More

  • Yamaha TY-E for the first time in the 2018 FIM Trial-E Cup

    IWATA, March 23, 2018 Yamaha announced today that it has developed the TY-E electric trial bike — taking advantage of the unique features of electrical power — and has been working toward competing for the first time in the 2018 FIM Trial-E Cup with scheduled appearances at the Auron in France through July 14-15, and the Comblain […] More

  • Hiromi Kinukawa becomes a new team member from Electric Motorcycles News

    I am pleased to inform you that Electric Motorcycles News has a new team member from Japan: Hiromi Kinukawa is a freelance writer based in Japan. He has lived in Tokyo, Long Beach (CA), Rome and Florence. His passion towards motorcycles got serious when he started to work for Aprilia Japan (Currently Piaggio Group Japan) as […] More

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