BIG GALLERY! The greatest MOTOPARADE in Estonia

The Estonian Motorcycle Season Opening is a major tradition and a highlight event for motorcyclists and motorcycle fans from all over the world.

Our day begins on Supeluse street in Pärnu where our festival grounds host the most famous motorcycle brands, motostores and local importers, who display the latest rides, gear and merchandise.

The day will be full of entertainment,  good people and most importantly – Motorcycles. Our  Season Opening ceremony will start the greatest MOTOPARADE in Estonia, where thousands of motorcycles will ride through the streets Pärnu.

We will end our day with a great MOTOPARTY, where a lucky contestant will win the HARLEY-DAVIDSON!

Photos – Merlyn Kuusk

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BIG GALLERY! The Estonian Motorcycle Season Opening 2017 and the greatest MOTOPARADE