2019 snow-conquering Yamaha line-up!

From adrenaline to work, from comfort to discovery and kids play, Yamaha provides a top-quality range of high-performance snowmobiles, internationally recognized for the brand’s signature reliability. Our products’ usage is in every category of snowmobile activity: from extreme mountain climbing and trail blazing, to luxury touring and exploring, as well as demanding professional work.

We’re a premium choice for the youngest riders and families as well – not only for our unique models with guaranteed technical and handling characteristics – but for the fun they bring to the everyday of our customer, so that every rider can enjoy and share the experience.

A glance across our wide range will find a machine to fit every rider – perfectly.

Improvement in the range is a Yamaha guaranteed given every year. Expansion and innovation, are however, our focus and model year is no exception.


Powered by a lively, ultra-reliable and well proven 599cc 2-cylinder engine that has won admirers around the world, this tough and practical machine will appeal to many owners for leisure as well as work. As its name suggests it is equally at home ferrying fishing gear, snow sport kit and provisions to the country cabin as it is to hauling logs, tools and protective clothing to the work site.

The Camso® 154″ track, with its 2.25″ lugs provides optimum traction – particularly valuable when exploring deep snow – and great grip for tight manoeuvering. The wide Yamaha skis help here too. They have already earned a great reputation on board our popular VK10 machine, with its awesome deep powder performance and stability. Now the Transporter uses this same ski design to offer outstanding deep snow grip – and the ability to glide over fresh powder or hard pack with equal ease.

So the new MP XE 600 TRANSPORTER in a nutshell? A versatile, dependable and lightweight machine, yet with relentless power, this is the snowmobile for lovers of outdoor adventure. It delivers great floatation and superb snow performance – anytime, anywhere.

The – aggression for you to tame.

Yamaha stunned the snowmobile world with the introduction of the awesome, turbo-powered Sidewinder models, and that industry-first technical innovation has since even more firmly established Yamaha as the name on the world’s most advanced, capable and complete snowmobile line-up.

As well as the dramatic ‘look’ of these fabulous machines, they sport ‘front-to-back’ shock packages and advanced chassis designs that make them uniquely fun to ride.

The Fox® QS3 front shock technology not only ensures amazing control and handling performance, but offers ‘flip of a switch’ adjustment between positions (Soft-Medium-Firm) to suit the riding conditions. On some models we use the same QS3 technology for the rear suspension.

For our Mountain sidewinder models, we choose the high-tech Fox® QSL shocks for the rear, which are also easily adjustable. A dial on the remote reservoir giving 1-2-L (Light-Medium-Locked) compression settings. In deep snow, the ‘Locked’ position limits rear-arm ‘squat’ and excessive ski lift, for even greater control and performance.

These suspension systems and our super-agile chassis designs, work together as a fully coordinated, finely tuned package, delivering exceptional floatability and manoeuvrability.

To broaden the Sidewinder line still further, a new Trail Sport snowmobile – the SIDEWINDER L-TX 137 LE – joins the range for 2019.

This is a truly dynamic and exciting trail-blazing machine with all the advanced technology found on the other Sidewinders, plus the latest state-of-the-art (Intelligent Quick Switch) shock damping system. With iQS, a simple handlebar switch lets you adjust the damping electronically to suit the conditions – instantly and on-the-fly. Suffice it to say that once experienced, there’s no looking back from a Sidewinder. Especially this dramatic-looking new L-TX.

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