11,000hp Indian-sponsored dragster to race this weekend at NitrOlympX

Top Fuel drag racing champion and his daughter Jndia will be firing up their -sponsored dragster at this weekend’s NitrOlympix at Hockenheimring in Germany.

The is a cult event that has been running for almost 30 years and each year the drag racing becomes faster, more dangerous, louder and crazier.

The unique mixture of racing, speed and a good show lure thousands of fans to watch the quarter mile action.

It’s a mind-blowing spectacle when the dragsters move up to the ‘Christmas Tree’ starting lights. Adrenalin shoots into the bloodstream of the drivers, methanol shoots into the engines, and the sound of the engines shoots far beyond the Motodrom.

Urs Erbacher, who is also a motorcycle customiser and owns an Indian dealership near Basel in Switzerland, has been racing his Top Fuel dragster throughout the summer season, but NitrOlympX is the big one.

Not only that, his 20-year-old daughter Jndia has also been racing in the championship, creating some friendly competition between father and daughter in their Indian logo-emblazoned Top Fuel dragsters.

“It’s a duel between the drivers to have the best reaction to the lights going green,” says Urs. “The dragsters get faster and faster, we can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in less than a second these days. The Top Fuel class always lives up to its name as the flagship of drag racing, with speeds of up to 500 km/hr on the quarter mile of the Hockenheimring.”

Jndia Erbacher earned her Top Fuel driving license in England in June and she will race for Indian at Hockenheim and the weekend after in Sweden.

Jndia has also passed her motorcycle licence and is now riding an Indian Scout Sixty.

Their 11,000-horsepower dragsters suck in more than 20 gallons of nitromethane fuel over the course of a run.

Did you also know that the 150-decibel, open exhaust headers are angled upwards, and they push enough exhaust gas out to give the car an extra 1,100 pounds of downforce!

Within 0.8 seconds of launch, they’re doing more than 100 mph, and they run a quarter mile in 4.5 seconds, hitting up to 332 mph at the finish line.

Indian Motorcycle is no stranger to racing and chasing high speed, which is why the brand is proud to support Urs and Jndia Erbacher at the controls of these dragsters.

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