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  • Muving users have saved 800 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

    Muving has saved 800 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere since their launch of sharing electric scooters. Or rather: Muving users have saved 800 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, based on the 5.4 million kilometers traveled since March 2017. This is very good news and some spectacular data, showing that kilometer to kilometer it is possible to save each of the eleven cities Muving many grams of carbon dioxide. More

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    EZRaider is an offroad 4 wheel electric vehicle

    These guys from EZRaider send us some pictures and we really want them to share with you. But I also see that our news partner EvNerds has already published an article about them. So, please give them a visit (link here below). The EZRaider is a 2×4 vehicle equipped with 2 high torque electric hub motors which are part of the rear wheels. Controlled by a thumb throttle, giving the user a precise control over power-to-wheel. A unique patented suspension and steering systems enables the EZRaider to “surf” through hard terrain with maximum stability and safety to the user. The EZRaider is designed with an extremely low center of gravity while maintaining a high ground clearance. More

  • Choppelectric | a start-up company from Estonia

    The idea of Choppelectric started in the spring of 2016 from the ambition to create a stylish e-bike that would resemble a motorbike. These guys are passionate in developing and creating e-bikes with awesome design and an unforgettable driving experience. The team consists of 4 members: founders are Markus Kaljuste (on the right) and Rainer Aunpu (in the middle). There is also Randar Ploompuu (on the left) and Harri Lillevars. More

  • Readers opinion | Why I switched from a KTM Freeride E-XC to an Alta Redshift EX

    As I began preparing for my next endurocross event, I found myself contemplating the purchase of a new bike. Being relatively new in the world of enduro racing, I had a 2015 KTM Freeride E-XC. Although I loved my motorcycle, it wasn’t as efficient on the race track as some of the newer bikes that were being released. The thought of enhancing and modifying the KTM had crossed my mind but it didn’t appeal to me as much as the purchase of an entirely new motorcycle. Since I was becoming more interested and involved in endurocross, I figured it was worth it to make the change but I’d have to do some thorough research before I decided to throw money down on a brand new motorcycle. More

  • Italian Volt presents Lacama for the reunion

    Italian Volt celebrates one-year anniversary from the unveiling of Lacama’s prototype by dedicating an “e-motorcycle” to The Reunion, the most important happening for cafe racers, classic and special lovers from all the world. The Italian start-up presented “LACAMA for The Reunion”. Inspired to Trackers, customized motorbikes used during speedways, dirt flat oval tracks where motorcycles slide sideways, this motorbike presents knobby tires able to better face the dirty ground. The “custom-made” motto remains the main feature of this product. “LACAMA for the Reunion” was entirely made to measure according to Matteo Andreani, founder of The Reunion, who together with the Italian Volt designers selected all the materials and components until he got the final layout of the motorcycle. More

  • Giles Kirkland is a guest writer at EMN

    Electric Motorcycles News welcomes Giles Kirkland, an automotive expert with a great passion for motorcycles of all sizes and shapes. He often contributes to various […] More

  • Sur-Ron in France and the Benelux

    Press release | EVE (Electric Vehicle Engineering) announced the arrival of the electric motorcycle Light Bee (Sur-Ron) in France and Benelux for this summer 2018. Sur Ron Light Bee is homologated in the L1e category of electric vehicles in the European Union. More

  • The Microlino story

    It’s perhaps not what you expect on a electric motorcycles website but we are aware that people are looking for electric vehicle solutions, in any […] More

  • Could GLORIA be a game changer in this motorcycle world?

    I have met these guys online (We definitely should meet in Paris one day) for about 9 months when they created the Jambon-Beurre Project. That was a crazy cool electric motorcycle prototype. It looked like a vintage flat tracker with a 90’s inspired color pallet and a massive powerplant inside! More

  • Electric Motorcycles News visits Evoke Motorcycles in Beijing

    Our Japanese team member Hiromi Kinukawa was invited to visit Evoke Motorcycles in Beijing, China. Not only did they take good care of him (Beer and food!) but more than that, he was surprised about their great passion and love toward motorcycles and motorcycle riders. Evoke Motorcycles is a start-up motorcycle company based in Beijing, China. But is it not just another start-up. It’s a company with right vision, unique staffs and established production facilities. More

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    Electric Motion new 2019 range

    Electric Motion is introducing their new 2019 Trial range (EMLite, EMSport) and hiking bikes (EScape, EScape Sport). The 2019 edition is equipped with an all new electric motor and powertrain, as well as improved steering ergonomics. Electric Motion focus is on the overall increase in performance featuring more torque, speed, improved handling and less noise.Optimization of the fork / damper settings has made the bike more playful and reactive. More

  • Evoke Electric Motorcycles on the road to the Benelux

    Evoke Electric Motorcycles is happy to announce the signing on of a new distribution partner to bring Evoke’s all-electric motorcycles to the Benelux region of Europe. Evoke’s new partner, who will be doing business under the name Evoke Benelux, has extensive experience in dealing electric two wheelers and will be making Evoke Electric Motorcycles available at their dealerships throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. More

  • Electric Superbike Twente unveils electric superbike

    The first electric racing team of the University of Twente, Electric Superbike Twente, presented the brand new electric super bike on May 25: the Liion GP. This electric motorcycle is completely designed and produced by the students team. With the Liion GP they want to show how fast electrical transport can go. Count me in guys, I want to go to work with these bike. More